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      Nadezhda Kharlampieva


      Saint-Petersburg State University, Department of World Politics, Associate Professor


      191060 Russia, Saint-Petersburg 

      Smolny str. 1/3, Entrance 8, Science Department

      Phone: +7 (812) 576 7948

      Mob.: +7 921 315 8210  

      Fax: +7 (812) 576 4437 

      Work e-mail: n.kharlampieva@spbu.ru

      Web: http://www.sir.spbu.ru/profs/?id=209


      1990 Sakha Yakutia University, history and social policy

      1997-2001 School of International Relation, Saint-Petersburg State University, PhD student

      2005-2008 School of International Relation, Saint-Petersburg State University, Post PhD student


      1992 – 1997 Teacher of history, ALROSA Company, Mirny city, Sakha (Yakutia), Russia

      2001- 2001 Northern Fund, coordinator of projects, St.Petersburg, Russia

      2001- 2005 Northern Forum Secretariat, St.Petersburg, Russia

      2005- 2008 Non- State University “Nevsky Institute of language and Culture”, Assistant Professor, St.Petersburg, Russia

      2004-2009 Editor of journal “Arctic Idea” (Russian-English)

      Since 2008 Saint-Petersburg State University, Associate Professor


      Art&Culture of the Arctic, Northern Forum, USA-Russia (2003)

      Energy Security and Geopolitics in the Arctic/ Challenges and Opportunities in the 21th Century. Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore.(2010-2012)

      Russian- Sino Workshop “Arctic policy in the XXI Century”, SPSU (2013, 2015)

      International and Transnational regime in the Arctic (2011-2013)

      Grant training at Institute of Law and Policy, China Ocean University “Process of the world politics shaping in the Arctic” (2013)

      Concept of Arctic Policy (2010-2012)

      Role and Place of Russia in Formation of the Arctic Policy (2010-2012)


      More than 60 articles on Arctic Policy

      Since 2015 Editor of International Journal “Art&Culture of the Arctic” (Russian-English)

      Selected publications relating to the arctic:

      In English:

      The International Associations, North and Russia Development of the Arctic transport system- Thesis of Conference, SPb: Northern Fund, 1999.

      Conceptual, Structural and Operational Problems of Northern Territories. North Meets North Proceedings of the First North Research Forum, Akureyri, Iceland 2001- P.167-169.

      Northern Dimension and Sub-Regional International Organizations. Russia – European Union Partnership after the Enlargement: Strategic vision and day-to-day implementation. Proceeding of the International Academic Conference held at the School of International Relations of the St. Petersburg State University on 24-25 October 2003/Ed. By K. Khudoley. – St.Petersburg: Saint-Petersburg State University Press,2004.

      The Arctic: a New Sphere of Action in World Politics? Journal ?Арктическая идея/Arctic Idea?, 2009. February.

      The Transnational Arctic and Russia. In Energy Security and Geopolitics in the Arctic: Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century, edited by Hooman Peimani. Singapore: World Scientific , 2013.

      Process of Global Transformation: Arctic Experience. Symposium on the Arctic Passages and the Northern Strategic Collaboration. School of International Studies and Diplomatic Affairs, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), Shanghai, China, 2013.11.15-16.

      In Russian:

      North West Russia: external affairs. Monograph. Saint-Petersburg State University Press, 2008. (with N. Markushina)

      Forming of transnational sphere World Politics in Arctic Region//Russian University of Human Pease, International Relations issues, 2007. #1.

      Arctic paradigm in an universal idea. North and Arctic in new paradigm of world development. Kola Sciences Senter of Russain Sciences Academy, Apatity, 2010.

      Arctic: idea “global management”. The Real of Ethnos. Gertsen Saint-Peteresburg State Pedagogical University, 2010.

      International cooperation in the Arctic: ecology-political aspect. Science theory journal “Civil. Environment. Development”, 2010. #3. P. 212-218.

      Evolution of definition “Arctic”. Journal Science and Education. Sakha- Yakutia Academy of Science, 2014. #4.

      Master Program books:

      Contemporary problems of World Politics Researches. SPSU Press, 2012 (with Pr. V.Yagya)

      Arctic in a contemporary political system: interstates affairs and methodology of researches. SPSU Press, 2012.


      International Arctic Social Science Association (IASSA), International Center of the Arctic Art&Culture (ICAAC), European Regional Study Association (ERSA), Russian International Study Association (RISA), Russian Polar Association (RPA).


      International Relation. World Politics. International organizations. Arctic policy.


      Yakut (Sakha), Russia, English